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Title: Jealousy
Pairing: Jenissi x Xero
Warnings: Yaoi
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Xero seems to be very close to Seogoong and Jenissi feels threatened by his presence, after all, Xero is his lover and he misses him.
Additional Note: It's my first kpop fanfic :3 And JeJe couple are my otp.


The blond man was walking beside his friend, Hansol, who was annoyingly wrapping his arms on Byungjoo's neck. Taeyang could notice the tiredness on Byungjoo's face; though it wasn't as he didn't like all that attention, sometimes he just wanted to walk freely. But Hansol was simply happy on doing that, on acting as a spoiled brat and Byunjoo wouldn't end that. Actually, sometimes Taeyang wished his lover to act like that. Well, he didn't know if he could call him a lover, even though they already had discussed that, discussed their feelings. He was just feeling lonely today. And the reason was that his lover was walking beside Hyunho, but not just walking, he was acting as Hansol, smirking and putting his arm around his shoulder. Taeyang sighed, gazing at them both.

"Stop sulking, hyung." Hansol hummed, smiling to him, and then they saw a ice cream's car stopped by and he pointed to it. "Let's buy some ice cream, it'll heal your broken heart."

"There's no broken heart." Taeyang answered in a low voice, though he sighed, lowering his eyes only to raise them again, looking at JiHo. The black haired boy was driving him crazy, that kid who had a beautiful smile, a cheeky way of doing things and who always liked too much of touching. Even when they weren't close with each other JiHo kissed his cheek on a interview, making him blush. How could his dongsaeng make him feel like that? Oh, he still remembered when he started to see him with a different look, when he started to notice that he was more than a cute boy, when he noticed that he wanted JiHo to be his cute boy. Not that Taeyang already had been on a relationship -- and he didn't know for sure if he was now -- let alone the fact that he had never kissed a boy before JiHo, but as the time passed he realized that he had fallen in love.

Byungjoo gazed at him smirking as Hansol went to the car to buy ice cream for them. "Come on, why are you acting like this?" Byungjoo asked, watching his hyung paying for the ice cream and returning with them.

"There's nothing, I already said." Taeyang answered, sighing and taking his ice cream, muttering a thank you. They sat on a bench, staying quiet as they were just enjoying their ice cream. Actually, Taeyang's eyes were on JiHo and Hyunho, who had bought ice cream too and was talking and smiling and laughing and -- ah, that look! JiHo was looking at him so sweetly; why on Earth was he doing that? It made a while since Taeyang and JiHo had a time alone, and it was about a week since they kissed each other. Maybe that was the real reason, JiHo had fallen in love with Hyunho and he was afraid of telling this to Taeyang. Oh, he was so angry and sad, he bit his lips, not minding about the ice cream that was melting.

"Hyung, I guess you should take your ice cream, or you'll make a big mess." Hansol said, making Taeyang nod and taking him out of those thoughts. "And... you know, you don't have to be worried, I'm pretty sure that he still li-"

"I'm not." Taeyang interrupted him, even though Hansol seemed to want to please him he was still mad with JiHo and he couldn't help but act like that. "And stop thinking that me and JiHo have something." He added, and yeah, everybody seemed to know that they weren't just friends, but still Taeyang used to tell them that they weren't lovers. Maybe that's why he was always so clingy with all the other members... And now he could hear Hyunho laughing, he could see JiHo offering him his own ice cream! Why was he doing that, they had bought two ice creams, he didn't need to prove JiHo's! He just couldn't take any longer, he rose up, motioning to his partners that he was going back to the hotel.

He walked back to his room, and finished taking his ice cream as he was walking. He simply couldn't believe in what he saw -- JiHo always acted like that, he always teased other members though Taeyang never saw any malice on this, but now was different, somehow it was like Hyunho was a threat for their "relationship". Taeyang sighed as he threw in the trash the ice cream's bowl, entering on his room. It was cold now, but he didn't know why he suddenly felt that cold. Probably because he didn't had the beautiful smile of JiHo warming his heart...

And he could remember their first kiss, how sweet had been. They got very closer after that interview where the members said that they were the most awkward couple. JiHo was always looking for him, being so gentle and nice and talking with him as long as he could every day. Taeyang was a little bit jealous because sometimes it seemed to him that JiHo acted like this with everyone else, it was like he wasn't special at all -- but as the time passed he noticed that his smiles were always brighter to him, he was always looking for him, gazing at his eyes and watching him. Then they had a special mission; it was Taeyang's birthday and they would have sort of a date... When he played the piano for him, oh, that was the moment where everything changed. Now he had completely sure that he had fallen for him and that JiHo had fallen for him -- well, not completely since he could only have certain when their lips touched for the first time. It was like their lips meant to be together, the soft pressure that JiHo applied on Taeyang's lips was just perfect, the warmth of their mouths and the smooth touch of JiHo's hands on hyung's hair. Simply perfect, it was like a painting on Taeyang's mind...

But now he felt a weird weight on his chest and his eyes started to weigh, as the tears wanted to fall. But why was he like that? Gosh, he just saw JiHo acting as Hyunho was his lover, that's all; no reason to be sad, of course. He was just overreacting. Taeyang sighed and decided to take a nap, he laid on the bed, closing his eyes, avoiding possible tears to fall from them. But after all he was tired of their hectic schedule and it didn't take long for him to fell asleep.


A knock on the door, then other and other. Taeyang grumbled, yawning and looking at his cellphone. It was already 11pm; fuck, he had slept a lot. The other members should be asking themselves why he had gone sleep so early since he was the one who used to sleep less, but now all he could think was on the knocks on his door. He rose up, rubbing his eyes and muffling a yawn with his hand as he opened the door, thinking that Hansol or maybe Byungjoo would be there. But it wasn't them, and Taeyang was sure that he was ruddy as he didn't want to be. It seemed like he was embarrassed of having him on his hotel room.

"What are you doing here?" Taeyang asked, maybe in a ruder tone that he intended to. He just couldn't help to feel a little bit angry because of all those thoughts and what he had seen in the park. But JiHo answered his roughness with a smooth smirk.

"I couldn't loose the opportunity, it's the first time in a long time that we have individual hotel rooms." He said, entering on the room and closing the door after him. JiHo looked at the place and then rubbed his own arms. "God, it's freezing here. You will get sick and won't be able to sing." JiHo went to the window, closing it and then turned on the heater, returning to Taeyang. He held his hands, blowing them in a tentative of warming them. He gazed at him with a lewd though sweet look, placing a soft kiss on his hand.

"What do you want, Xero?" Taeyang muttered, moving away and sitting on the bed only to see his lover follow him and sit beside him. He sighed, his hand had been caught once more and he already could feel JiHo's soft lips touching it.

"I wanted to see you. You simply isolated yourself." He answered, approaching him though Taeyang moved away, hitting his back on the wall. "What happened? Why are you acting like this?"

"Stop doing this." He spoke, referring himself to what he was doing with his hands. "Why don't you do this to Hyunho? I bet he--" Taeyang started to say but then he felt soft lips being pressured against his. JiHo's hand was now on his hair, keeping him close, and he sighed as the dongsaeng moved away only to give him another smooth kiss on his lips.

"Do you want me to do this with him?" JiHo asked in a husky voice, smirking as he kissed him once more, this time pushing him, making him lean on the headboard of the bed. Taeyang was a little breathless because of JiHo's soft kisses and he couldn't help but close his eyes as JiHo held his wrists, as he wouldn't let him go. He darted his tongue, licking lewdly the corner of his lips and then he laughed, moving away just to be able to see his hyung's eyes. "Now, why don't you tell me why are you acting like this?"

Taeyang bit his lips, cursing himself for breaking so easily with him. Wasn't himself saying just a few hours ago that the love had ended, that he would never be sweet and a fool when the topic was JiHo? "Go ask Hyunho." He answered as a spoiled child, not looking at JiHo's eyes. But his hands were still held by his dongsaeng and even though he was younger he was physically stronger than him. JiHo laughed with that, sitting on the bed and letting him go -- but after all they were still side by side and JiHo's hands were slightly touching hyung's.

"Are you jealous? Don't be silly, Jenissi." JiHo answered, using his stage name, and then he wrapped his arms around his shoulders as Hansol had did with Byungjoo on that afternoon. Taeyang felt his heart skip a beat when JiHo's lips touched his cheek and he peered at him, noticing that he was smirking, as that whole situation was funny. The dongsaeng pulled his chin, trying to catch his lips but Taeyang moved his head away, trying to pretend that he was really mad with him. He was just jealous and worried but Xero didn't need to know that.

"Go ask another hyung a kiss." Taeyang said, hearing JiHo sigh with that. But his hand was still on his shoulder and he didn't seem to want to move away. Maybe he was jealous and missing his dongsaeng, after all they didn't had time to be together and there was always people on their house. They didn't share a room and JiHo simply couldn't slip into Taeyang's room because his roommate wouldn't be much happy with they kissing and caressing each other. It was rare to them having individual hotel rooms and now that he had one JiHo looked after him, so it wasn't as he didn't care, right? But Taeyang was simply confused and he started to consider that maybe he was overreacting, that Hyunho and JiHo were good friends and nothing beyond this.

JiHo pulled his face again, getting closer enough for Taeyang feel his warm breath hitting his cheek. "But the only hyung I want to ask a kiss it's you~" He purred, smirking and caressing his cheek with his thumb. "Please Jenissi-hyung, give your dongsaeng a kiss~" JiHo mewled, not giving much time for Taeyang to think. His lips were already on his and this time Jenissi showed no resistance, he simply gave himself to those thin lips, sighing between the kiss. "Your lips are the only one I will ever want." He added, finally making Taeyang smirk a little bit. "You're the only one I want."

Even though Taeyang wanted to fight back and to keep his posture of being mad with him he simply couldn't. He loved that kid far too much and he couldn't deny that the opportunity of them alone in a room without all the members was just must-see. "You are an annoying brat, do you know that?" Taeyang whispered to him, kissing his lips and gazing at him. "And yeah, I was jealous because you spent your day with Hyunho and not with me..."

"I thought you were having fun with Hansol and B-joo." He answered softly, catching his hand and intertwining their fingers. "Besides, I can't give you the love I want when they are all watching, if you know what a mean." JiHo added, laughing. Taeyang hit his shoulder playfully and then leaned to kiss him, but this time he darted his tongue, tasting JiHo's mouth, feeling how delicious was to feel his tongue against Jiho's. It sent waves of pleasure to his own body, it was like an electric shock and he simply couldn't get enough of it. It was JiHo, the one who usually loved to tease Taeyang, who broke the kiss. "You're freezing, your lips are freezing. It's late and you need to get warm~" He said, getting up and taking a blanket on the wardrobe. JiHo covered themselves with it and then he laid on the bed, pulling Taeyang to do the same.

"Xero, give me my cellphone, I don't wanna sle--" Taeyang started to speak, trying to reach the nightstand but he was interrupted by JiHo's lips.

"No cellphone tonight, let's sleep." He said, hugging him tight and bringing him closer. Jenissi leaned on his chest, his hair was being caressed by Xero's hand as his other hand was being held by the dongsaeng. He sighed, thinking about a lot of things he could say. He could say that he was too afraid of loosing him and that's why he was acting as a fool, that he loved him so much to see him being taken from him; he could say that he wanted to be by his side as long as possible and that he loved all the moments that they spent together, even those who were stressful... But now the only thing that he could do was being close to him, closing his eyes and sighing.

"Don't you dare to leave me, JiHo. You can't leave your hyung." Taeyang mumbled, gazing at his eyes, kissing his lips and then smirking when he saw JiHo's smile. Gosh, he was always so perfect.

"I'm your dongsaeng. Only yours~" He whispered back, holding him tight. He didn't want to leave Jenissi, this never passed on his mind not once, but he decided he would control himself on his front, be more careful with his skinship. JiHo kissed his hair and then nuzzled onto the blanket, feeling Taeyang's hand starting to get warm.

And when he noticed that Jenissi was sleeping he smirked, hugging his thin body. "Saranghae." He whispered before falling asleep and having sweet dreams with his beloved hyung.
Tags: jeje couple, jenissi, k-pop, topp dogg, topp dogg fic, xenissi, xero
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