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Twin Flame

Title: Twin Flame
Pairing: 2dragon (Sehyuk x Sangdo)
Warning: Fantasy, AU
Summary: When Sehyuk is thirteen, he sees a dragon printed on Sangdo’s skin.
Word Count: ~1.300 words

Everyone knew that a soul mate was more than a tale; it was real, and you would find yours, no matter what. It wasn’t difficult, though; all you had to do was to take a quick check on their wrists, and if you were that person’s mate, you would easily see a symbol that would mean the merge of your spirit and body.

So that’s why when Sehyuk was only 13, he found his soul mate whilst playing with his best friend. He still could remember perfectly how it happened.

They were fighting with their wooden swords, both wanting to become knights, when Sangdo’s sleeve lift enough that he could see a little dragon printed on his skin. Practically at the same time, they dropped their weapon on the ground, slowly walking till they were a few inches of each other. With shaky hands, Sehyuk carefully held Sangdo’s wrists, allowing him to do the same, and when he rose his eyes, he could see that Sangdo had the same shy, cute smirk plastered to his lips.

Not even once Sehyuk thought about how that should be wrong. It was so rare to find soul mates that weren’t a woman and a man, so they had to hide from everyone. But they couldn’t hide that fact to their own heart, neither to the feelings which were growing stronger every single day. When they were walking through the gardens and training together, they were best friends; but they couldn’t ignore their soul calling for each other, not when they were behind closed doors, laying on the bed they shared.

With slight, soft touches Sehyuk would caress Sangdo’s skin, sometimes pressing his fingers against his firm muscles, outlining the curves of his body with smooth kisses. He would always give their symbol special attention, and his heart would flutter whenever Sangdo whispered to him how much he loved him, how he was his and he was Sehyuk’s.

Nonetheless, life is not a bed of roses, and having a soul mate had a cost. As soon as you found yours, you would also discover that you had a singular power that usually had something to do with the symbol on your body.

As the bearer of a dragon symbol, Sangdo had the power to destroy practically anything with fire. He was quickly promoted as the captain of the army, and he was a powerful weapon in all the battles he would fight. However, even dragons can get hurt, and as Sangdo’s soul mate it was Sehyuk’s job to avoid that to happen. Unlike Sangdo, he had the power to cure any wound he could have, even though he would eventually get weaker after using his abilities.

It is a rainy night when Sehyuk wakes up feeling more worried than he normally is. Sangdo had gone on a mission and Sehyuk couldn’t go due to his duties in the city, so he was quite surprised that he managed to sleep when his partner was outside, fighting against some rebel criminals. He needs to see him so badly, and he doesn’t hesitate to go to his chambers in the castle to see if he’s back. People had already started to suspect them, because it was often to see them sleeping in each other’s room, and they would spend all their time together. But that doesn’t bother Sehyuk, at least not now when he’s feeling really fearful.

Hurriedly, Sehyuk puts his shoes on, wrapping a warm cloak around his shoulders, keeping his knife on his belt just to make sure he will be safe. As anyone in the kingdom, Sehyuk had inner enemies, and he could never walk unprepared.

Sangdo’s room wasn’t far, so he just had to climb the stairs and turn the left, standing on front of his door, immediately knocking on it. He had heard the sound of the horses before, and that’s one of the reasons Sehyuk could tell Sangdo was back, let alone the fact that their hearts were bound to each other.

“Sehyuk?” Sangdo mutters when he opens the door, and Sehyuk could notice that, even though he seems quite tired, he still smiles to him. “I didn’t want to wake you up, we got back just a few minutes ago…”

WIthout even waiting for an invite, Sehyuk enters his room, closing the door behind him and looking at Sangdo’s eyes, cupping his face and stroking his cheek. His breath is hasty as his heart is beating fast and Sangdo holds his free hand, leaning into his touch.

“Are you okay?” Sehyuk asks and Sangdo can see how worried he is. “Don’t lie.” He adds because he knows how Sangdo likes to hide this kind of thing from him.

“Yes, it’s just a scratch.” He answers and smiles softly. There was no need to say that Sehyuk could feel whenever he was hurt or in pain, and that’s why he woke up when he got back to the castle. He could feel it.

“Let me see it.” Sehyuk says, sighing when he feels Sangdo kissing the small dragon on his wrist. “Please.”

Once Sangdo knew Sehyuk for his entire life and he knew his heart as a map, he knew that he couldn’t say no to him. That’s why he sits on his bed, taking his shirt off, revealing a long cut on his ribs. The cold wind hits his bare skin and makes him shift uncomfortably, and he looks at Sehyuk. His face is white and he is scared as he always is when he sees Sangdo hurt.

“It will get better with some rest.” Sangdo says, taking his shirt and ready to put it back on, but Sehyuk gets closer to him and holds his wrist.

“I’ll fix it. Just lay down.” Sehyuk speaks with a firm tone, trying to show him he can’t say no to him.

“Love, it’s okay, I just need to r–”

“No, it’s not. You’re in pain. I’ll help you.” Sehyuk answers and pushes him to lay down, and this time Sangdo shows no resistance.

Actually, Sangdo likes how worried Sehyuk has always been, even if that means that sometimes he will have to hear him whine in pain due to his anxiety crisis. His stomach used to hurt and there were times in which he could barely breath, but Sangdo would hold him close and sing lullabies for him, trying to calm him down. Sangdo hated to think in those nights where Sehyuk would be alone as he was in a mission and he had to bare it all by himself.

Sangdo watches his face as he moves his hands to the cut, his eyes closing as he concentrates the energy from his body and he can feel the heat building up under his palms. Sehyuk has done that a hundred times but he still get nervous every time, as if he’s afraid of doing it wrong. Luckily, the wound isn’t really deep, and soon enough he feels it healing, the skin sewing itself and he can also sense his own strength running from his body to Sangdo’s. He sits on the bed’s edge, feeling a little dizzy, and he opens his eyes, gazing at Sangdo.

Carefully, Sangdo sits beside him, smiling as he notices his cuts are almost totally healed, and he takes Sehyuk’s hand, kissing his fingers and his wrists. “Thank you, love.” He speaks in a smooth tone, cupping his face so he can glance directly at his eyes.

It’s been ten years since they’ve discovered they were soul mates, and there isn’t a day in which Sehyuk doesn’t love Sangdo desperately. Even though they only started to date when they were sixteen,  Sehyuk knows he had fallen for him before that.

In the warmth of Sangdo’s arms, hearing him whisper sweet nothings in his ear, assuring him that they were both safe, Sehyuk fell asleep. In the coziness of that dark room, they could be lovers, soul mates, and even if someday the kingdom discovered about them, they could never be apart from each other.

They were each other’s soul, each other’s heart, and, if you rip the heart apart from a body, it dies. But their spirit would remain bound to each other, in that cold night and forever.

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